Welcome to DroneSYS labs.

Bespoke Drone and UAV Automation and AI from DroneSYS

Built to be as unique as your requirements

At DroneSYS labs we draw on decades of experience of working with the .Net and .NetCore platforms to build unique software systems to control, programme and automate UAV solutions.

By creating custom APIs to interact with either off-the-shelf Drones or custom-made UAVs we ensure that the only limitations are your imagination (well, and Physics although we've been known to bend that occasionally!)

Taught to learn

Our labs are also using AI and Machine Learning to create intelligent automated systems that learn and become more effective over time whether it is learning the best time of day to minimise weather groundings or automated security searches which know when things aren't as they should be.

One of our first projects is working with the farming community and agriculture to develop systems that can read the land automatically gathering data about crops and their situations reducing the physical man-hours needed to care for arable crops.

Applications include being able to see and react to crop disease fast and efficiently before it becomes a major issue or knowing the exact moment when a crop is ready for harvest by measuring moisture levels automatically.

Some of the industries we work with:

  • Agriculture.
  • Construction.
  • Security.
  • Environmental Management.
  • Land Managemnent.